Welcome to the Jeweled Gate, the gateway to your personal healing journey

Gates are an entrance or an exit, a place to begin a new journey or to end an old one.

We can begin the journey by listening to and challenging our words and beliefs, by letting them go for a few moments; learning to attend to the body as something that we desire to free rather than as something to control. See what gates might open!


Great news! I am now a member of the massage team at Wellbridge Athletic Club and Spa in Clayton! Call  (314) 746-1500‎ to schedule appointments.


                                TUESDAY 3-9 PM

                                WED. 9 AM -3 PM

                                 THURS. 3-9

                                SAT. 3-7 PM

Located at 7620 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton, MO



Come in for your Yoga Therapy assessment - yoga is so much more than just physical movement. As a mode of therapy is can help reduce anxiety, insomnia, pain, and other issues.

Having back or neck problems? Shoulders tight and tense? Someone telling you that you need orthotics for your shoes? Could be some simple postural adjustments needed. Come in for a Yoga Assessment- checking you out from head to toe, and determining imbalances. You don't have practice yoga in a class to be able to do therapeutic movements and accompanying practices. The assessment takes about an hour, after which you will receive a written recommendation for appropriate movements, breath work, and other yoga tools to help get you back on track. Wear comfortable, loose clothing.

$75 per assessment (65 minutes)


Call 314-873-7636 to make appointments, or email from this site with questions.




  • Specialized medical massage therapy for chronic sore muscles; relief from daily stress and acute to chronic conditions
  • Reiki - a powerful connection with the Universal life force to assist with deeper healing from within yourself
  • Healing Touch - another awe-inspiring, gentle form of working with the energy in and around the body to encourage healing on many levels
  • Yoga - Restorative, gentle for beginners and people with chronic ailments, injuries, or stress

Love is the master key